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About Me

Cassandra "Cassi" Chandler

I’ve never been content with the status quo. This notion has shaped who I am; from desegregating schools to breaking the glass ceiling and being a voice for the community. I firmly believe that in order to be an agent for change you must step inside the problem and address it at the root. I take pride in using my unique insight and experience to find solutions that leave situations better for all involved. If you’re interested in learning more about me, keep reading or get in touch.


My Experience

Background & Expertise


The Chandler Consulting Group

2017 - Present

Conducts risk assessments and sensitive internal investigations using intelligence driven analytics to identify and mitigate reputational and employee misconduct risks.  Identifies Customer and Community service dissatisfaction and vulnerabilities through complaints assessments, “Secret Shopper” support, and enterprise relationship gap analysis.  Assesses and monitors Police Department and Office of Public Safety processes and training vulnerabilities for community impact and diversity risks. Conducts Management and Board Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) risk assessments along with individual coaching and training.

Senior Vice President,
Bank of America

2008 - 2017

Senior executive leader responsible for oversight and development of enterprise risk assessments. Utilized predictive analytics to identify regulatory, operational and reputational risks while improving the customer experience. Led regulatory relations, enterprise engagement, exam and issues management with federal consumer protection agency. Managed and directed global team of Investigators, Intelligence Analysts, Change Managers, Six Sigma Engineers, Process Designers and Fraud Policy Strategists.

Assistant Director/Special Agent, 
Federal Bureau of Investigation

1985 - 2007

Directed post 9/11 redesign of FBI Intelligence Analysts, New Agents and international police training curriculums to improve counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal intelligence programs. Led consensus building for investigative and intelligence community efforts serving CIA, NCIS, U.S. Coast Guard, and Chiefs of Police of seven major cities. Served as Post 9/11 National Crisis Manager, National Spokesperson and Media Strategist directing national media events, responding to inquiries and coordinating media engagement with the White House, DOJ, CIA and other Federal Agencies.


What I’ve Learned


BA Louisiana State University

As a dual English and Journalism major, writing and research played a significant role in my education and professional development. The ability to analyze, understand and convey ideas has been critical for success throughout my career.

JD Loyola University School of Law

Critical thinking and an analytical approach to complex problems are essential building blocks in the practice of law. The skills I developed in law school have allowed me to deliver focused and results driven performance at every juncture of my career.

My Skills

What I Do



Inspiring others to action and motivating individuals to reach their full potential starts with the ability to convey ideas in a clear and accessible manner. Throughout my career I have motivated individuals and groups alike by way of speaking engagements and personal interactions. I have been a commencement speaker at institutions such as Bennett College in North Carolina and Southern University School of Law and believe that words are some of our most powerful tools for change.

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Community Engagement

In business and in life, wellbeing begins and ends with the community. The people we serve ensure the success of our endeavors and I have strived to understand the perspective of the community at every opportunity. I served as Executive sponsor of the Military Support and Affinity organization at Bank of America, was an active member of the LGBT Ally program and served on the Black Executive Leadership Council. It was also my pleasure to develop the National Citizens Academy at the FBI. I consider it a privilege to work with the individuals who strengthen our diverse society.


Executive Relationship Management

In many instances, who you know is the decisive factor in accomplishing goals. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key individuals is essential for professional success. I have spent decades building relationships in both the public and private sector and consider relationship management a fundamental part of who I am both personally and professionally.



New ways of approaching complex problems drives progress forward. Coherent and effective strategies supported by positive innovation allow organizations to face any situation and come away better than before. I have implemented strategies and groundbreaking innovation as an executive in multiple careers and continue to place an emphasis on formulating fresh ideas uniquely tailored to an organization's needs.



Who I Am

I have led a distinguished career as an innovative strategist identifying and addressing emerging issues and as a Senior Executive within U.S. government services and the financial services industry. I have served as a leader on the Global Diversity and Inclusion Boards of both Bank of America and Louisiana State University and currently am a Senior Advisor for Treliant, a risk consulting firm, and an independent federal monitor with the NYPD. I was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Red Team, which monitored the Corps’ assessment of expanding infantry officer roles to women and currently sit on the Board of Visitors for Johnson C. Smith University.     

I was Senior Vice President for Business Operations at Bank of America, responsible for building an integrated framework to identify, evaluate and assess emerging risks and the operational effectiveness of enterprise coverage areas. I developed enterprise-wide teams and analytic processes to identify emerging cybercrimes, fraud trends and consumer risks. Previously, I built and directed an enterprise team to collect and analyze internal and external intelligence to predict regulatory, reputational, and financial risks, while enhancing the customer experience. I served as the bank’s Senior Global Investigative Services Executive, developing a prevention-focused global fraud investigations program that detected and prevented fraud, cybercrimes and other emerging security risks with a focus on loss prevention and value return to the business. 

In addition to my roles as a risk executive, I led the bank’s compliance relationship with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). As Enterprise Regulator Relations and Engagement Executive with the CFPB, I was responsible for building relations with regulators, supporting their needs, and managing regulatory interactions across the enterprise.

I joined Bank of America in January 2008, following my retirement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where I spent 23 years managing, directing, and leading criminal, terrorism, and cybercrimes investigations and foreign intelligence activities. I led the redesign of the Bureau’s health care fraud and criminal intelligence programs and was appointed to the U.S. Senior Executive Service as an Assistant Director, where I was responsible for rebuilding the Bureau’s new agents training program and developing its analyst training program. I also served as an attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel and Special Agent in Charge of the Norfolk Field Office. Before joining the FBI, I was an attorney with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and a reporter and anchorperson for an NBC affiliate.

It has been my honor to receive numerous awards and recognitions, including the Senior Executive Service Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive under President George W. Bush, the National Center for Women & Policing’s “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” award, and the Norfolk NAACP Trailblazer Award.  


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


What Others Say About Me

“Cassi has led a distinguished career in both banking and government, addressing some of the most pressing security and compliance issues in the industry today… With security and compliance being top of mind in an environment of mounting risk, our clients will benefit enormously from her innovation, strategic thinking, and deep experience.”

Treliant CEO Andrew L. Sandler

"She's not only a good spokesperson, she's a good role model, she's a good mentor. She doesn't just mentor females, she mentors males and females, black and white, Hispanic, whomever. If she sees that work ethic in you, she really supports and pushes you, and if she doesn't, she calls you in and she tries to motivate you to get it. She's there for everyone."

Bobbi Wallace, Unit Chief for the FBI Community Relations Unit

 “One of [Cassi’s] positive traits as a manager is being able to recognize and capitalize on people's particular personality traits. [She] is a no-nonsense leader and doesn't suffer fools gladly either. She is forthright, honest and to the point. She delegates very well, [but] has no problem being a micro-manager.”

Alan A. Malinchak, Unit Chief for the FBI Investigative Training Unit

“… she's so good at her job because she actually understands what the people she's asking to do stuff are going through, and no one can say to her, 'You don't know what you're talking about.' She can say, 'You tell me what I don't understand.'"

Steve Katz, Supervising Producer America’s Most Wanted

"With a background in broadcast television, Chandler has a natural charisma with people and a great presence in front of a room full of reporters or in the face of a television camera. Co-workers said she always has been a people-person, which she uses in her management style to have effective relationships." “Secret Agent Woman”

"[Cassi] has demonstrated loyalty to her country and peers; respect for the values of her family and country; determination and respect for herself and others; and a deep commitment to our nation”

Meyera E. Oberndorf, Mayor of the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia


Past Speaking Events

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Duke Energy 
US Army - Fort Hood
Bank Of America
Treliant Risk Advisors
Federal Reserve 
Bank of America 
Bennet College
Southern University School of Law
Loyola University School of Law
Grambling University 
Louisiana State University 
Winston Salem University 
Delta Sigma Theta Regional Conference


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